Its an honor to introduce two electrifying designers Bruce Franklin and Christopher Chaun. They have created edgy but yet classy bowties that has stunned the fashion world if not yet then will very soon. This line is perfect for Woman and  Gentleman who like’s to style it up with a twist of punk rock.

Vienna Bow Tie

Knight Bow Tie

Now The Faces Behind These Flawless Designs:

Brucling(Bruce) on the Left and Robot(Chris) on the Right


Hopefully someday in the future I will be a proud intern for these two Gentleman. Thanks

In Case You Missed It….

February 25, 2010

I’ve been getting alot of questions about the Coco & Breezy girls and their showing at fashion week with Aston Mozie. For those of you who couldn’t see the show live, here’s footage for ya! Enjoy

New in 2010!! Ye is Back!!

February 24, 2010

AH! Amber Rose is flawless as always in this photoshoot. This picture want’s me to pick up a mat and go stretch!


*To keep from posting a bunch of pictures, I just got a video for you all… Enjoy

ShoutOut to my sister Nef… follow her ViaTwitter:

Red Head!!

February 22, 2010

■Jacket:50’s Montgomery ward  ■Shirt:70’s Saint laurent  ■Pants:GUCCI ■Shoes:JIL SANDER×PUMA

A Loner In The Universe

February 17, 2010

People who knows me on a personal level knows this is me in this piece of work. I often travel to space in my mind and leave the human form destroy  my sadness or what ever is bothering me at the time and travel back. Space is where I take me earthly battle’s.  The strap jacket I find funny, only a few people would understand why I find humor in such thing. This was an awesome job well done from “AntiLucifer777” this painting means alot to me and describes my thought process perfectly.

Via: – AntiLucifer777

Few Pieces from Spring/Summer 2010


Retarded Dope!!!!

February 3, 2010

KiD CuDi  “Highs N Lows” (Produced by Dot Da Genius).

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